TopCashback Spring Treats Cashback Giveaway 2018

The aim of the game is a simple one. Each day TopCashback will release a clue which that we lead to a retailer. This can be found at the banner at the bottom of the page. Once you have cracked the clue, head over to the retailer using the TopCashback search bar.
If you are struggling, then a its worth checking out the retailers that are trending on the site – this will usually give you the answer you need.
You will know you have discovered the correct retailer when you have discovered the TopCashback hummingbird flying across the screen. All you need to so is click the bird to reveal your prize.
You will notice from the table below what you will have to collect over the 14 day giveaway to win your instant prizes. This can be accessed using the bar at the bottom of the TopCashback site.

How do I sign up to TopCashback?

Sign up before 10am on the 2nd April and you receive a free £5 gift voucher for Zeek by clicking through this link here.

TopCashback Spring Treats Giveaway Daily Clues

23rd March 2018: eBay

24th March 2018: Marks & Spencer

25th March 2018:

26th March 2018: GoCompare Car Insurance

27th March 2018: Origins

28th March 2018:

29th March 2018:

30th March 2018:

31st March 2018:

1st April 2018:

2nd April 2018:

3rd April 2018:

4th April 2018:

5th April 2018:

6th April 2018:

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